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Sunnybank is a great place in Queensland to live. We are only a short distance away from Brisbane and a lot of locals commute to work.

There are industrial areas close by that employ locals. These areas also attract pests as the large sheds are ideal for pigeons, rats and possums to hide in. If left unchecked these pests can breed up in vast numbers and quickly establish themselves in homes close by.

Wildlife is drawn to the Sunnybank area as creeks like Oxley provide an abundant food source. Insects breed up in their masses in this area which encourages other pests like spiders and cockroaches.

Locals like to go to these waterways and feed the local ducks. While this sounds great it also creates other problems. Leftover food has been known to encourage rats. It is not uncommon to see rats flooding the area scavenging for food just after dusk.

All of these pests usually shelter in local homes and sheds during the daylight hours.

Jim’s Pest Control Sunnybank – experienced local

Our technicians have been treating pests in the Sunnybank area for years. We have a great knowledge base of how and when pests are likely to attack.

Knowledge like, when it rains we know that pests like rats, mice and even ants will seek higher ground. We get an influx of phone calls from distressed Sunnybank residents hearing noises in the roofs when it rains.

High humidity signals the optimum conditions for cockroaches to breed. We know that this can be devastating for local food outlets and restaurants as they get overrun by these pests.

All of this local knowledge and experience results in superior pest control for our clients.

Why choose a professional over do it yourself?

Many Sunnybank locals choose to do their pest control treatments themselves. The perception is that it is cheaper than getting a professional. In most cases, it actually works out a lot dearer.

An example of this was a client in Sunnybank who had a cockroach infestation. Every day he was vacuuming up hundreds of cockroaches.

The local pest controller when and viewed his problem and gave him a quote. The client indicated to the technician that he had paid almost $1,000 worth of products from the local supermarket. These products had no or little effect on the cockroaches. He was in disbelief that a professional was only going to cost him $300 to fix the problem.

The client booked the job in and within a week had eliminated all of the cockroaches.

So you must consider the true costs of trying to do it yourself. Your time and effort and use of products that may not work, will in the long run work out more expensive than getting a professional in.

Meet your local business owner

Paul Farbaek has been working in the pest control industry since 2013. He like many of our other business owners is very passionate and committed to pest control. Paul gets great satisfaction from eliminating pest problems for his clients.

Paul is a family man and in his spare time spends time with his wife and son in our community. He is a keen reader and likes to meditate, but this is getting a little harder since his son came along.

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