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Sydney is a busy, vibrant city in Australia. There is heaps of entertainment, which draws locals and tourists to the area. Every day, tens of thousands of people flood into Darling Harbour.

Pests are drawn to this area as well. The older parts of Sydney like “The Rocks” are home to a wide range of pests.

Rats are particularly bad in the area as the old drain structures are perfect for them to move about. Cockroaches frequent these drains as well. The moist conditions provide the ideal environment for them to breed.

If you are walking around the Sydney Harbour in the evening, in summer, you will often spot these pests scampering about. They especially like to hang around rubbish bins as it provides an abundant food source.

Pigeons and other birds cause a nuisance in the area. They often swoop down onto tables especially after diners have left.

Local restaurants now offer spray bottles of water to discourage these pests. While this can be fun for some patrons it will rarely fix the problem.

For real solutions to pest problems in Sydney, more Sydneysiders are choosing Jim’s.

Jim’s Pest Control Sydney – 30 years experience

Stephanie and Lynton Paddick are some of the senior technicians in Sydney. They have been dealing with pests for more than 30 years. In this time they have dealt with all manner of pests and their knowledge about how pests behave is invaluable.

Her professionalism has resulted in them delivering exceptional customer service to Sydney locals. Her skill sets are second to none. They now pass this onto other Jim’s Pest Control businesses in Sydney.

Lynton personally trains all new technicians in Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong. He believes to deliver effective pest control, that techs need to be trained constantly.

The pest control industry like all other industries is changing rapidly. New products are being developed that are more targeted in their approach to pest control.

A targeted approach allows our technicians to deliver better results for our clients. They work by providing the pests with palatable baits. This bait will contain a chemical or growth regulator. Pests pick this bait up and readily carry it back to the nests.

The colonies then gorge themselves on this food source and within days they are affected by the product. This is a more advanced way of dealing with pests as we are not overusing chemical sprays, in our environment.

These are some of the reasons why people are now calling Jim’s for all the pest control needs.

Customer Service Promise

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service. We understand how busy our lives have become in Sydney so have made ourselves available 7 days a week. This allows our clients to contact us with any concerns they have or get a free quote.

We prefer to educate our clients as to why they have pests. We draw on our vast knowledge of pests and give clients some great tips on what they can do to help stop them.

Clients love that we take our time to explain the treatment process to them and what they need to do before we start. Explaining to clients what they are likely to see is important. Some clients can get very upset when pests are affected by the treatments and appear from nowhere.

Sometimes budgets just don’t allow for full treatments and we understand this. We are always willing to discuss options that may fit within your budget.

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