Jim’s is your local pest control Tea Tree Gully expert. Our techs servicing the area are experienced, fully trained, licensed, and insured. You can trust the Jim’s name to help you with any pest problem, including termite treatment and control.

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Tea Tree Gully is a great part of Adelaide. Lots of large gum trees line our streets that provide shelter and homes for native animals.

They provide homes for pests as well. The centre of large gum trees are well known to house termite colonies. The bark of trees is a great hiding spot for spiders and other bugs.

The Adelaide Hills is only a short distance away, with creeks running from the hills into Tea Tree Gully. These creek beds and banks act as a corridor for pests providing a pathway to your home.

Pests like rats and possums spend the summertime gorging themselves on fruits from local orchids. As soon as rough weather arrives they seek a warm safe home. So many people in Tea Tree Gully get invaded by rats and other pests as soon as it rains.

Jim’s Pest Control Tea Tree Gully Expert Knowledge

Jim’s Pest Control has been treating pests in the local Tea Tree Gully area for years. We are the experts that locals trust to resolve any pest issue they may have.

Our family business owners live and work in the area. This enables them to have knowledge of how pests behave in our community. Pest will behave differently in every location as the food source and shelter will always vary.

Great pest control tips tips that will reduce pests

Our technicians always recommend to their clients, to clean kitchen benches, especially just before dark. Cockroaches and other pests use the cover of darkness to look for food scraps and crumbs.

Most clients do not know they have a pest problem until they get up in the middle of the night. They will see cockroaches or mice in their kitchen. This is very upsetting for clients as you can imagine what filth they are leaving on your benches.

Another great tip is to ask your technician to put in place an all-year protection plan. As the local tech understands how the seasons affect pests. He will be able to put in place a plan to deal with these pests as they arrive. This often works out cheaper than just tackling pests after they have become established.

Meet your local Tea Tree Gully pest expert

Michael owns and runs the local Jim’s Pest Control business in Tea Tree Gully. He operates his very successful family business with his wife Tammy. He strives to deliver exceptional customer service beyond the customer’s expectations.

Training is important to Michael as he is always keen to learn about new products entering the pest control industry. He believes in using the best products available to him that will deliver superior results for his clients.

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