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West Lakes is one of the prettiest places to live in Adelaide. We are spoilt for choices of things we can do in the area.

The lake is a great place to go fishing, walking around or even go rowing in. We have a very relaxed lifestyle and locals love nothing more than waking up and having breakfast while looking over the water.

A few years ago there was an outbreak of a pest weed in the waterway. This was an introduced pest and had the capacity to ruin the lake. Luckily the Government was all over this and put in place plans to get rid of this weed.

Weeds are not the only pests we should be concerned about in West Lakes. The palm trees in the area are homes for a wide range of pests that often invade homes.

Jim’s Pest Control West Lakes – local expert

Our Jim’s Pest Control technicians have been living and working in the area for years. They have great firsthand knowledge of where pests like to hide in our community.

They know that the heavily mulched gardens in the area are often homes for European wasps. These wasps like to burrow into the ground and build their nests. Heavily mulched gardens just make it easier for them.

Palm trees in the area are also a great food source for rats and possums. They like to feast on the orange ripening fruit. These palm trees usually fruit for months so it is a really good food source for rats and enables them to raise large families.

Our soft sandy soils make it very easy for termites to move around the area. In recent years we have noticed the number of houses being attacked by termites steadily increasing.

These are some of the things that only a local expert like Jim’s has experience and knowledge about.

Termite protection has changed over the years

Termite protection of new homes has changed radically over the past few years. Unfortunately, when homes in West Lakes were being built, pre-construction termite treatments were limited in their approach.

We now have a great understanding of how termites access homes. Some great products have been developed to combat these home demolishing experts.

Homes that were built before the introduction of these products are now constantly being attacked by termites. While this is not great news for residents there are some great new products that protect your investment.

Termite monitoring systems have been developed that can actually detect termites as they come towards your home. They work by attracting termites to a station in the ground. When termites are detected, a bait matrix is applied that they will readily feed on. This bait contains a growth regulator that will affect the termite’s growth and eventually eliminate them.

So no matter if you are building a new home or have found termites, Jim’s will have a solution for you.

Meet your local business owner

Shayne Herraman owns and operates the local Jim’s Pest Control business in West Lakes with his wife Carolyn. Since joining Jim’s Shayne has delivered exceptional customer service. He believes in treating his clients the way that he would like to be treated.

Clients love that Shayne takes his time to explain why pests are in their homes. He also provides them with some helpful tips that have come from his vast knowledge of pest control.

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