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Wyndham Vale is a rapidly growing eastern suburb of Melbourne. Some would consider us the baseball and softball suburb of Melbourne with many playing fields in Presidents Park.

Subdivisions are becoming more environmentally friendly. Developers now like to include water catchment areas like lakes and ponds in developments.

They are used as a selling tool indicating to potential buyers how wonderful it will be to walk around. Painting the image of kicking the football with children on the weekend is a pretty powerful motivator.

These ponds have become a windfall for pests in the area. Open paddocks and farmlands were a very harsh environment for pests. Water was scarce during the summer months and shelter was almost non-existent.

Pests are now thriving in the area due to the rapidly expanding residential developments.

Jim’s Pest Control Wyndham Vale a trusted local

Jim’s has been providing all pest control services to Werribee and the Wyndham community for years. Locals trust the Jim’s name as we are well known for our outstanding customer service.

Clients know that Jim’s are not happy until their expectations have been met. Unlike some other smaller pest control companies there is always someone higher up that clients can talk to.

We pride ourselves on the work we do and our technicians will often not rest until they have eliminated all the pests. Their passion for their clients is so great that they seek out and look for new products constantly that will deliver better results.

This is why so many Wyndham Vale residents call Jim’s.

New homes provide the perfect structures for pests

With the construction of new homes in the area, it provides some great places for pests to hide.

Fences provide the perfect structure for spiders to hang their webs on and harvest the insects flying by. Roof voids provide a safe, warm environment for rats and mice.

Lawns are gardens that can provide the perfect environment for termites and crickets. In fact, bark or pine chips provide a great food source for timber demolition experts.

Letter boxes provide homes for ants and slugs. Putting your hand in to collect the mail can be an adventure. Cubby houses and sheds will also provide the perfect environment for redback spiders to breed in.

So as you can see, new housing developments not only build homes for human habitation but build homes for pests as well.

Meet your local business owner

Robert Razumic owns and operates the local Jim’s Pest Control business in Wyndham Vale. Previously to taking on his own business he was a warehouse manager. In this role, he was exposed to pests that frequent warehouses.

He is married and has two children. In his spare time, he likes to take his family fishing and camping and really enjoys the outdoors. While camping, his family often catch him out staring at the ground watching pests, like ants move about.

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