Pest Control Queensland

No-one likes to see bugs and pests around the home or office, but cockroaches, ants, termites and other pests are all too common around Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.
Jim’s Pest Control can resolve your unwanted pest problems with a professional, prompt and reliable service.
We specialise in commercial and domestic pest control services, including timber pest management services and termite control in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

We can also offer a range of termite pre-construction barriers that offer protection against termite attack.
Unwanted pests can creep into your home or business at any time, causing a range of physical and emotional concerns. They can spread disease, contaminate food, generate pain, illness or death, and even damage walls or other structures.
Termites, in particular, can attack your trees in your garden and the timber inside the walls of your home. Termites can also cause significant amounts of damage to the timber holding up your roof. They particularly like damp areas, and one large nest can contain several million termites.
So, if you need an effective termite treatment in Brisbane, then contact Jim’s Pest Control and we can assess your termite problems and ensure a comprehensive Termite Treatment for your home or business.

Other pests which can be treated by our Queensland pest control service include:

To give you further confidence in our service, you can be assured that all our technicians are fully trained, qualified, Comprehensively Insured and licensed. They also have a commitment to great service and guarantee the work they do.
They will understand your pest control needs, turn up on time and offer a competitive price.
Being part of the famous Jim’s Group, we also offer a reliable brand which you know you can trust.
So for a guaranteed Pest Control Service and Termite Control in Brisbane, contact Jim’s Pest Control for a professional and guaranteed service.